Organic fertilizers with soil improvers for potted plants


Soil Sup is a soil supplement with 100% organic fertilizers and soil improvers for potted plants with a 3-fold effect. The plant receives fertilizers, the roots are strengthened, and soil life is promoted. There are 2 Soil Sups in a package. A package with 10 pieces is also available in our webshop.

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Nature itself has the urge to survive and to be self-managing. Humans will occasionally have to intervene to follow the rules of nature. It is therefore good to give nature a helping hand by creating the right conditions. This applies, for example, to the living environment of a pot plant, because a pot plant has limited access to water and nutrients. If we do not replenish the nutrients regularly, the plant will struggle to grow well and stay healthy. With the Soil Sup organic fertilizers it is possible to keep your plants in top condition.

Soil Sup is a soil supplement with organic fertilizers and soil improvers for potted plants. The operation is 3-fold. The plant receives nutrients, root growth is promoted, and soil life is improved. Works for 6 months to 1 year. The content is two Soil Sups per pack (also available in a pack of 10).

Make a hole in the soil and push the Soil Sup 5 cm deep into the soil near the plant. Water the plant. Repeat after a maximum of 1 year. Use 1-2 Soil Sups for pots with a diameter of 10-25 cm, 3-5 Soil Sups for pots with a diameter of 25-40 cm and 6-8 Soil Sups for pots with a diameter of 40-50 cm.

The Soil Sups consist of completely natural and organic ingredients. Good for plants and planet! To promote sustainability and to achieve an optimal result, 100% organic fertilizers have been chosen and not artificial fertilizers. Fertilizer is literally artificial plant food and has a chemical composition. The production of fertilizers results in high CO2 emissions. It is also very salty, which disrupts the natural balance and soil life of plants. The plant will grow so fast that the roots will not have time to develop properly. This makes the plant weak and susceptible to disease.

The advantages of the Soil Sups summarized:

– Contains many minerals and beneficial soil bacteria;
– Is quickly absorbed into the soil;
– Easy to dose because the Soil Sup is produced in the form of a pill;
– Long-lasting effect between 6 and 12 months (depending on the size of the plant;
– The roots are strengthened, resulting in a stress-resistant plant;
– The packaging is durable and has a high moisture barrier.

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