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A must-have for modern and environmentally conscious garden irrigation.

Due to a busy lifestyle, watering the garden can be forgotten. Also, these days we are more aware of the amount of water used for garden watering. Excess is unnecessary and is often seen as wasteful.

A watering timer will automatically perform the watering schedule you set. This helps you save more time and prevents overwatering or drought thanks to high-precision water management technology.

Also handy for when you’re travelling. So you don’t have to worry about the garden not being watered on the specified day.

  • Easy to read
    The 2.5-inch screen displays information for watering programmes that is easy to see at a glance.
  • Easy programming
    Turn the dial anti-clockwise and set the clock, start time, duration and frequency of watering. Programming has never been easier.
  • Long battery life
    The internal rubber ring around the battery tray is IP54 waterproof and protects the battery from corrosion. 2 AA batteries last about 1 year. Batteries are not included.
  • Anti-blocking, anti-leakage
    The stainless steel water inlet filter effectively prevents leakage due to valve blocking. The ITV101P water timer can withstand water pressure up to 116 PSI.
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You can set different irrigation programmes. Each irrigation programme has its own start time and duration. With our timer, you can set exactly how long you want to water, with an independent start time and end time.

With the flexible schedule, you can easily choose which days you want to water.
For example, if your municipality dictates that you can only water your garden, lawn or vegetable garden on Wednesdays and Sundays, this smart irrigation timer can help you run the programmes as you set them.

Also handy for when you’re travelling. This way, you don’t have to worry about the garden not being watered on the specified day.

Extra manual watering: This function allows you to water without interrupting your set watering schedule.

Note: The default duration of manual watering is 10 minutes and cannot be changed.


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