Solar-powered fountain


Dress up your patio, garden or balcony with this solar-powered fountain and enjoy the babbling water on a summer day.

With a compact diameter of about 13 cm, this floating fountain is perfect for any outdoor space. Thanks to its solar-powered drive, it brings life to your pond, water bowl or water basin without the hassle of cords.

Starts spraying as soon as the sun shines on the solar panels, with the height of the jet synchronising with the intensity of the sunlight.

  • Make sure pump remains submerged for proper operation
  • This product comes with 6 different spray heads
  • When not using the fountain, cover the solar collectors or place the fountain out of the sun
  • Cleaning/flushing the pump prevents clogging
  • Diameter 13 cm
  • 1,5 W
  • No power or batteries required
  • Simple installation
  • Suitable for ponds, water bowls, water troughs, etc.
  • The spacers ensure that the fountain does not float to the side, causing water to spray over the edge


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This fountain creates a lively garden or balcony!

The fountain comes with six different nozzles, allowing you to choose from a variety of spray patterns. Maintenance is easy: keep the pump submerged for optimal performance and prevent clogging by regular cleaning.

Thanks to its compact size and easy installation, this fountain is a great addition to any outdoor space. And best of all? No hassle with power cables or batteries! When you’re not using the fountain, you can cover the solar collectors to extend the life of the pump. And in winter, simply store it in a frost-free place.

With handy spacers to prevent the fountain from floating too close to the shore, causing the water to go over the edge, it’s great fun season after season.


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