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STK008 Soil Test Kit

Soil Test Kit (N, P, K, pH) 80 Tests



Moisture indicator 16cm



Moisture indicator 26cm



4 in 1 soil tester


Fertometer fertilizer tester



1825 Digital Moisture Meter

Digital Moisture Meter


1845 Digital soil pH Meter

Digital Soil pH Meter


Rain Gauge Meter with Temperature reading

Wireless Rain Gauge


Wireless soil moisture sensor with thermometer

Wireless soil moisture sensor


ZD-05 soil pH moisture meter

Prof. pH/Moisture meter (Short probe)


pH soil tester long probe

Prof. pH/Moisture meter (Long probe)


Rapitest 3 way digital analyzer in use

Soil analyzer (fertility, pH, temp.)


1847 Digital Plus Soil pH Meter with Plant Database

Soil pH Meter


Digital soil thermometer °C/°F

Digital soil thermometer


Digital Soil Moisture Sensor with LEDs

Moisture sensor with 7X LED


Seramis moisture indicator 2x16cm

Moisture indicator 2x16cm


Seramis Moisture indicator 2x26cm

Moisture indicator 2x26cm


EC meter measuring water

EC meter liquids


pH meter measures river water

pH meter liquids


Lusterleaf Rapitest Sunlight calculator

Sunlight calculator


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