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Rapitest 1845 Digital Soil pH Meter

This Digital Soil pH Meter is designed to measure and display the pH (acidity/alkalinity) of garden and container soil. Press the power button and insert the probe into well-moistened soil near your plant. The meter will show the digital soil pH reading between 3,5 and 9,0.

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Lusterleaf Rapitest 1845 Digital Soil pH Meter

Plants need the correct pH level which controls how well they utilize the nutrients available in your soil. The Rapitest Digital pH Meter allows you to instantly determine how acidic or alkaline your soil is. All plants have a pH preference, so it is important to know what this measurement is. You can choose plants with the same preferences, avoid those that will not do well in your soil, or know how to go about supplying their special growing needs. By testing your soil you will determine its condition. You will be able to adjust the soil more effectively and economically. Includes a handy plant care booklet listing the preferences for over 400 plants. Not only for using outdoors but for potted plants (and houseplants) as well.

Very important:

At the start of every pH reading session, use the special enclosed pad or an abrasive sponge to gently wipe the entire probe 2 – 3 times. Keep the entire probe always very clean and shiny before you start to measure ! Always wipe away from the tip towards the meter’s body. The soil must be wet !

Only for outdoor measuring: prepare the soil by removing the top 5 cm of the surface soil. Break up and crumble the soil underneath to a depth of 12 cm. Remove any stones or organic debris such as leaves and twigs because they can affect the final result. For indoor measuring (container plants) you can push the probe directly in the (potting) soil. Thoroughly wet the soil in the first place with distilled water to a mud consistency.
Taking a pH reading Press the power button to turn the meter on. Push the probe vertically into the moistened soil. If it does not slip into the ground fairly easily select a new position. Never force the probe. Twist the probe clockwise and counter-clockwise between your fingers several times to ensure that damp soil is well distributed over the surface of the probe. Wait for 60 seconds to acclimatize the probe and take the reading.
If the reading is pH 7 or higher, remove the probe from the soil and wipe any soil particles from the surface of the probe. Re-shine the probe and insert back into the soil at a different point, avoiding the first hole made by the probe. Twist the probe two or three times between the fingers, as before, and wait 30 seconds before taking the final reading.

In order to obtain an even more accurate result with the Soil pH Meter, the following procedure may be followed:

1. Take the sample of soil to be tested from the ground and remove stones and organic debris.
2. Prepare the sample by crumbling the soil into small particles.
3. Measure 2 cups of soil from the prepared sample.
4. Fill a clean glass or plastic container with 2 cups distilled water and add the measured soil sample.
5. Ensure the soil and water are thoroughly mixed and compact the sample firmly. Drain off any excess water.
6. Take your tests as above mentioned.

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