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The Ecowitt Gateway with Sensor makes the soil moisture data of the Ecowitt wireless sensor (transfer by radio signal 868 Mhz) available in your Wifi. You will be able to read the results all over the world and to set alerts with the APP Ecowitt.

Updates every minute. The sensor is suitable to use both inside and outside up to a distance of 100 meters between the Gateway and the sensor. The Gateway can monitor max. 8 sensors at the same time. An email will be sent if the actual value will sink under the alert value. Additional soil moisture sensors are available in our webshop.

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– The Ecowitt Gateway with Sensor makes soil moisture data of the soil moisture sensor available in your Wifi. The soil moisture sensor sends a radio signal (868 Mhz) to the Gateway and doesn’t need Wifi access.
– Install the Gateway close to your Wifi router with the APP Ecowitt (for free).
– The Gateway has a built-in sensor to measure temperature, humidity and a barometric sensor.
– Install the soil moisture sensor to read soil moisture data (for both indoor and outdoor), up to a distance of 100 meters from the Gateway.
– The Gateway is able to monitor up to 8 soil moisture sensors. Separate sensors are available in our webshop.
– Now you can read all data (temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and soil moisture readings) all over the world with the APP Ecowitt.
– Dashboard with graphs and real-time data (updated every minute), accessible from anywhere in the world.
Possibility to set up an alert and to receive an email when the actual value is less than the alert level (e.g. when the soil moisture level is less than 20%).
– USB plug-in adapter included.
– English manual included.

User manual Ecowitt Gateway GW1000 with Ecowitt soil moisture sensor WH51

-1X Box with the Gateway GW1000 sensor included, clip to hold the sensor and English manual
-1X Box with soil moisture sensor WH51 and English manual
-1X Separate USB plug charger for the Gateway GW1000

-In addition to the moisture content of the soil (in%) measured by the soil moisture sensor, the Gateway has a sensor that measures the temperature, humidity and air pressure on site.
-The gateway and the sensor use the radio signal 868 MHz. If at your home or in the immediate vicinity other devices work with the same radio signal, this can cause interference.
-The Gateway only works with a 2.4GHz band Wi-Fi network, Dual Band is not supported.
-Make sure that WiFi and Bluetooth are activated on your phone during installation.
-Make sure there is as little distance as possible between your phone and the Gateway during installation (max. 1 meter).
-Install the Gateway as close as possible to your router (preferably in the same room), in any case ensure good WiFi reception of the Gateway.
-Install the soil moisture sensor(s) close to the Gateway (preferably in the same room) to ensure that the Gateway can properly receive the radio signal from the sensor.
-Sometimes WiFi routers are extra secured (especially corporate networks). In this case it won’t be possible to connect the Gateway to your WiFi. You will need to consult the administrator of your network.
-Some WiFi routers need to be activated with a button first to enable a WiFi connection with another device (such as the Gateway).

1. Download the “Ecowitt” app from the Apple or Android Store. Create an account.
2. Open the app and press the 3 bars (=menu) at the top left. Then click on ‘Weather Station’.
3. Now click on the + symbol with “Add weather Station”.
4. Now click on “Gateway Provisioning”.
5. Now click on the Gateway symbol with the code “GW100XX” below it.
6. Make sure the Gateway is plugged in and press the black button on the front for 5 seconds. The red WiFi light will now flash quickly and the WiFi configuration can be started.
7. Now first go to your phone’s WiFi settings (to your list of available WiFi networks) and select the available WiFi connection GW100XX-XXX. Wait for the WiFi icon to appear at the top of your phone’s screen before continuing!
8. Now open the Ecowitt APP again.
9. Check the box “Operation completed” and click “Next”
10. Follow the instructions in the APP and enter the name (= input SSID:) and the password of your own router. Now click on “Submit”).
11. Now first go back to the WiFi settings of your phone (to your list of available WiFi networks) and select your own WiFi network.
12. Open the APP Ecowitt and click on “Confirm” and then on “View Online Data”. You should now see the dashboard with all online data. See also the screenshots below.


1. Remove the sensor from the box and insert an AA battery into the sensor. When the sensor is on, a red light will flash. Do not put the sensor near the plant yet! When the battery is installed, the sensor will automatically connect to the Gateway.
2. Click in the APP on the 3 horizontal dots at the top right and choose “Sensor”. Now scroll down until ‘CH1 ID’ appears in the APP, this is the 1st sensor. If multiple sensors are paired it is recommended to change the name of the sensor. You can easily change the name by going to the sensor data on the APP home screen and clicking the 3 horizontal dots on the left. Then select “Change the title”. The next sensor to be linked is ‘CH2 ID’, etc. A maximum of 8 sensors can be linked to 1 Gateway.
3. Verify that the sensor is properly calibrated. This can be done by placing the sensor in a
glass of water (only the black part of the probe up to 1 cm below the green housing). The moisture value can now be checked in the app. If the value is 95% or higher, the sensor is OK. If the value is below this, follow the directions in the English manual to calibrate the sensor or contact

Open the APP and click on the menu (the 3 horizontal bars at the top left) and then choose “Alert”. Now click on the envelope in the top right corner. Click on “Add” to enter your email address (you can add up to 3 email addresses). Now go back to the previous screen and click on “Condition setting” and on “Add”. A menu will now appear where notifications can be set. For example the minimum moisture value and the maximum moisture value. Confirm by clicking on “Save”. You will now automatically receive an email as soon as the values you have set are exceeded. Now the sensors can be placed indoors or in the garden near the plants or in the grass. It can happen that the Gateway loses its connection if the WiFi is down. That is why it is important to check in the dashboard at least weekly whether the sensors are still providing current values.

Press the black button at the front for approx. 10 sec. until the red light and blue light flash 3X simultaneously to reset the Gateway to factory defaults. All previously set data will now be lost and you will have to start again with the complete installation with the Ecowitt app.

For the solutions to the most common problems, see pages 52 to 62 of the enclosed English manual or contact us at

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