Moisture indicator 16cm


The Seramis moisture indicator 16cm warns you when you need to water your house plant

Easy to use moisture tester, warns you by changing the color of the display from blue into red.

The moisture indicator 16cm is also available in 26cm
and 2 in a box 16cm or 2 in a box 26cm

Min. order 10 pcs.

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Seramis moisture tester with color indication for soil humidity

The Seramis tester warns you when you need to water your plant. It stays permanently in the soil of your potted plant. The color of the display changes from blue into red if watering is needed.

Available in two sizes (16 cm and 26 cm). If the height of your pot/container is under 25 cm we recommend the short version (16 cm). For higher pots/containers we advise you to buy the long version (26 cm). The tester has a lifespan of about one year.

Also available with 2 pieces in a box with description

Seramis Moisture Tester 16cm Separate    Seramis Moisture Tester 26cm Separate    Seramis pack 2x16cm    Seramis pack 2x26cm

How to use the moisture indicator

Insert the probe in the soil until only the display at the top is visible. Leave the moisture indicator in the soil permanently. The display will show blue if there’s enough water for the plant. If you have a plant which needs a lot of water, you start to water the plant as soon as the display changes to red (red spots will appear). Does your plant have an average need of water, you water when the whole display shows red. In case you own a plant with a low need of water you wait a couple of days after the whole display shows red before watering.

It will take 3 -4 hours before the color will change. You need to wait about 4 hours after you’ve watered your plant. If the color didn’t change into blue after 4 hours you need to water again. Every single plant will need his own moisture indicator; you can’t check different plants at the same time.

There are no batteries required and the life cycle of the Seramis moisture meter is about 1 year. You can test the meter as follows. Wait until the meter is completely dry and put it in a glass filled with water. If the color doesn’t change from red into blue you need to replace it. In case the meter will show black, this is also an indication for replacement.

Don’t put the display in water; this might damage the meter and shorten its life cycle.



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