Wireless 4G Measuring System


If you want to measure Co2 content, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, temperature, light intensity, soil moisture, soil temperature, soil pH, soil EC or soil NPK from a (large) distance, this can easily be done with a sensor connected to a 4G DTU (= Data Transmitter Unit). Measuring a combination is also possible and there are also multi-sensors that measure different values.

This is a “tailor-made product”. The price mentioned is a starting price. Mail us your project and we will send you a quotation by return.

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Suitable for water-saving agricultural irrigation, greenhouses, flowers and vegetables, grassland, rapid soil testing, plant cultivation, scientific experiments, etc.

What do you need?

  • One or more sensors connected by a cable to the DTU
  • A 4G DTU (supplied in a waterproof plastic box for outdoor use)
  • Preferably a fixed power supply for the DTU (can be done without)
  • An on-site 4G network
  • A cheap SIM only/Data only subscription (approximately €5 per month)
  • A PC/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile phone with which the data can be read online anywhere and anytime

How does the installation work? We can’t make it any easier.

  • We pre-program the DTU for the 4G network
  • We provide a login in the supplied software to view and save the data.
  • You place the sensor and DTU in the desired location yourself
  • Insert the SIM card in the DTU
  • Connect the DTU to the powersupply (usually wall socket) and switch it on
  • You log into the account we created for you and immediately see all data online

Of course, you can then change the password yourself.

We also offer other wireless solutions such as WIFI and Lorawan. Send us your project and we will find the best and cheapest solution for you.


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