Wireless Soil Moisture Meter with Thermometer for indoor and outdoor use


FAQ – about wireless soil moisture monitoring and the soil moisture sensor

Nothing shows in the display of the receiver

Check the polarity of the batteries and change the batteries if they were properly installed.

The receiver displays some readings, but no moisture and/or temperature

-Check the polarity of the batteries of the sensor and change them if they were properly installed.
-The transmission signal of the data may be out of range, because there are too many obstacles between the sensor and the receiver. In this case the transmission signal in the upper left corner of the receiver will never show (normally every 90 seconds). Insert the sensor closer to the base station or move the base station closer to the sensor.

The receiver shows moisture and temperature readings which are not accurate

-The sensor needs to be reset to start up the self learning process again. Just take out the batteries for 5 seconds and put them back again.
-The sensor is not ready yet to send updated readings. You need to wait 20 minutes before the readings should be accurate.
-The probe of the sensor hasn’t been inserted in plain soil without any obstacles like roots or stones and/or the soil isn’t very tight around the probe of the sensor.
-The sensor needs to be inserted at least 8 cm
-You removed the sensor when you watered your plant. Put it back close to the original spot and wait for 20 minutes.

How to open the remote sensor?

Pry cap off of sensor with your fingernails or pull the cap off while holding the antenna in your right hand and the plastic housing in your left hand horizontally.

How do I install a second and a third sensor?

Follow the instructions like you did when you installed the first sensor. After you’ve installed the batteries you’ll find in the top left corner sensor address pins. It says “address” on the left side and under the address pins you’ll find the numbers “1””, “2” and “3”. There is a black plastic "cap" that can fit over one of the three "prong fittings." From the factory, the caps are all over the number one fitting. You have to move the cap to the number two setting for the second sensor, and the number three setting for the third sensor. If you now press the CH+ button on the base station you will see it toggles to sensor number 2 and sensor number 3.


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