How  to use

Insert the meter directly into the soil, embedding its metallic surface completely and tamping down the surrounding soil. The soil must adhere closely to the meter’s metallic surface.

It can take up to 10 min. before the pointer shows a stable value. Press the white button to read the moisture level (between 10 and 80%).

Remove any obstructions in the soil before you start measuring like stones, roots etc..

Very important: the soil must be wet before you start to measure! For indoor plants we recommend to water your plants with rain water first and wait for about 30 min. before you start to measure. If you want to measure outdoors it’s ideal to wait for serious rain showers and to start measuring about 30 min. after the rain has stopped. If the soil isn’t wet enough measuring results might be unreliable!

The metal surface has to be dry and clean before you start to measure. Remove oxidation with an abrasive if necessary.

Don’t leave the tester in the soil much longer than 1 hour, this will damage and oxidize the metal parts.

Make sure the metallic surface is dry and clean before you store the meter.

This meter is not capable in measuring liquids

Try not to touch the metallic parts with your fingers, this might affect the measuring results.

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