digital plant moisture sensor - blinks when your plant needs watering


How to use the Thirsty Light, a warning digital plant moisture sensor

The Thirsty Light blinks when your plant needs watering

Turn the power switch to the “ON” position. The Thirsty Light's LED alert light will emit a single long blink.

  1. Insert the Thirsty Light into the soil so the pod and approximately 2,5 cm of the probe is above the soil line. Choose a location between the edge of the pot and the plant stem with good visibility of the LED Alert.
  2. No blinking tells you the soil is moist, no need to water. The LED alert blinks to tell you when the soil is dry. Regular blinking means that the soil is dry and needs water. A double blink with a long pause means that the soil is completely dry, so you need to water thoroughly.
  3. If you follow the leave-in method, use one Thirsty Light for each plant, leaving it in the pot. This is the most convenient way to use it because the plant's soil moisture level is constantly monitored. Leave the Thirsty Light in the soil with the power switch in the “ON” position. The LED Alert will notify you when it's time to water again. Pay attention, you may need to adjust the probe. It is easy to fine-tune the function of the Thirsty Light to match a specific plant's moisture needs. Soil dries from the top down, so the depth of the sensor affects the timing alerts. If the plant is wilting from lack of moisture between watering, choose a new location and insert the probe only 5-7,5 cm deep in the soil. If the Thirsty Light is alerting too soon, push the probe deeper into the soil. Do not allow the pod to come in contact with the soil.
  4. If you use the Quick Check Method, you share one Thirsty Light among several plants, moving the probe from one plant to the next. The digital sensor tests conditions once every second, so each pot's soil moisture can be assessed quickly and accurately. When you are finished checking the soil and watering, turn the power switch clockwise to the "OFF" position.


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