General information

This meter shows pH and soil moisture. Do you know the pH of your soil? Is it acidic or alkaline?

Some plants grow better in slightly acidic soil, some better in more alkaline soil. It is important to know the pH value of your soil. A wrong pH value affects the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Check soil humidity and pH

With this soil meter you can check in your garden, vegetable garden, green house, lawn and potted plants whether the soil is suitable for a particular plant. Use the device to measure growing conditions for all kinds of plants indoors and outdoors.

Measuring pH is important for the wellbeing of all plants and your lawn

This pH soil meter can be especially useful in lawn care in determining the soil conditions in different areas of your garden and finding the correct lawn seed and fertilizer. Bad spots in the lawn can be caused by poor drainage (wet soil, test the moisture) or too much or too little acidity (test the pH).

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