Wireless Soil Moisture Meter with Thermometer for indoor and outdoor use


Wireless soil moisture meter with ambient temperature readings

This wireless base station with sensor monitors soil moisture indoors and outdoors

This unit makes it very easy to monitor soil moisture conditions of house plants, pot plants outside, the garden, the vegetable garden and your lawn. Now you know when to water. Push the probe of the sensor in the soil and every 90 seconds there will be a wireless transfer from the sensor to the base station of the soil moisture condition (in %) and the (air) temperature. You can connect up to 3 sensors. Additional sensors are available in our webshop. The system has a self learning process to eliminate the influences of different soil. If you connect more sensors, simply push the “channel” button of the base station and the readings of the other sensor(s) will be displayed.

When your plant needs watering a digital flower pot will show it!

In general you may start to water your plant if the soil moisture reading is below 60% and really need to water if it sinks below 50%. A digital flower pot will support you and show you when you need to water. After watering the soil the sensor takes four readings. If these readings are consistent, the sensor will start to send new data. It takes about 5 minutes after watering for the sensor to collect and send updated readings. The base station has a memory button you can use to display maximum and minimum air temperature and soil moisture per sensor. It also shows the air temperature on the spot, date and time. You can easily switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit. The base station has a flip out desk stand or can be mounted on the wall with 1 screw.


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