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When you measure light intensity of plants you can provide your plants with ideal growing conditions

Plants need light to grow and to transform light energy into sugars

Along with water light is the most important element for growing healthy plants. No plant will live for long without light. Plants absorb light energy and turn it into energy through photosynthesis. It’s therefore important to measure light intensity of your plants.

For houseplants you need to measure light intensity with a photometer

When it comes to growing plants indoors, gardeners are typically fighting for enough light or more consistent light. It’s important to know that natural sunlight coming through a window is not as strong as sunlight outside. The intensity of the light drops rapidly the further the plant is moved from the window. A simple move of two or three feet away from a window can reduce the light intensity by more than 50 percent. When you buy a plant you’ll find an indication of light intensity it needs. This can vary a lot.

Measure light intensity to find a good place for your houseplant

It is easy to measure light intensity several times a day to know if your plant needs more or less light. Measuring is better than guessing around about a good spot for your plant.
You can measure light intensity with the following products: