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Measure soil moisture level of house plants and outdoor garden plants

Why do plants need water and why should you measure soil moisture level?

Water is very important for the survival of human beings, animals and plants. There are many reasons why water is needed by plants. Water acts as the solvent for the minerals and nutrients present in the soil and with the absorption of water from the soil minerals and nutrients also enters the plant body. While these minerals could not be easily and naturally taken up by the plants if they were in solid state. Water is used to transport the metabolic products from one part to the other where they are needed. So it acts as a vehicle for the transportation. To measure soil moisture level gives you an idea how to handle watering.

Water is essential for plants to grow so better know soil moisture level.

Photosynthesis is a process in plants to make their food. And water is an electron source of this process. Water is evaporated through the stomata present on the leaves. It cools the plant in the hot sunny days, in the similar manner as we get cool by perspiration. Roots also store the water to be used in winter. In cold days water movement from the soil is very slow but the leaves loses water by wind in the winter too. So the stored water helps the plant to compensate with it. Water is necessary for the turgidity i.e. the pressure of water in the cells of plants which is important for the survival of plant else it will wilt. It is also required for the growth as it expands the plant cells.

Know when to water and how much water your plants need.

Improper watering kills or injures houseplants more than any other cause. Overwatering is just as harmful to your plants as under-watering. Therefore it is essential to monitor your plant’s moisture so that you know when it’s time to water and stop “forgetting” or “guesswork”. Hence to measure soil moisture level is very helpful for better plant care.

You can measure the moisture level both indoors and outdoors with the following products