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Measure nutrients level directly in the soil of your plants

If you want healthy plants you need to measure nutrients level in soil first
All Plants need food just like people. Plants need a range of nutrients for good health and growth. Most plants have similar nutrient needs like relatively large amounts of nitrogen and potassium. Other nutrients such as phosphorus and magnesium are needed in smaller quantities and trace elements, like iron and copper, while essential, are only needed in tiny amounts.

Fertilisation of potted plants is a necessity for good growth
Because of the limited amount of soil in a pot the proper fertilisation of a pot plant is much more delicate than with plants in open soil where the roots can reach several meters and will be able to absorb nutrients most of the time. For plants in pots we ought to know at any time what the situation is so we can fertilise if necessary. Best is to measure nutrients level first.

To fertilise use organic manure, fertiliser granules or liquid fertiliser
Fertilising can be done with different products: organic manure, fertiliser granules or liquid fertiliser. Do not be tempted to add more fertiliser than is allowed (see instructions on the package). For potted plants with lots of flowers we advise a well balanced NPK-proportion: 10-5-15 (NPK = Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium). For most (type of) plants you can buy specific nutrients. In general we recommend you to buy organic fertilisers. First measure nutrients level, then buy an adequate fertiliser in a special garden store or supermarket.

You can measure the nutrients level in soil easily with the following products.