Rainpoint Digital Water flow Meter

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The Rainpoint digital water flow meter helps to conserve water and is very accurate thanks to the built-in Hall sensor. Four measurement modes to avoid guesswork and to prevent over-watering. Easy to set up and user friendly. 20% discount in August !

Know how much water you use in the garden. Also, very useful to measure the amount of water you use to fill up the water tank of a boat, an RV, filling your pool, etc. The flow meter measures not only the actual flow rate (= Flow mode in L/Min.) and the consumption (= Consumption mode in L), but also the daily average water consumption for the last 7 days (= Average Mode) and the accumulative total water consumption (= Total mode). Easy to operate with only 1 button. The meter uses 1 CR2032 battery (included) which lasts about one year and has low battery indication. It comes with a user manual in English.

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Rainpoint Digital water flow Meter

Hold the small handles on the side of the screen and pull the screen out. Take out the battery cover and insert the CR2032 battery (included). Put the cover back and the meter is ready to go. You can check it by pushing the button and reading the four modes of the water flow information one by one. The Rainpoint Digital water flow Meter will automatically change to sleep modus after 1 minute to save the battery. The connector at the side where you’re going to put the hose is not included (on this side you use the connector which is in most cases already installed on the hose).

On the other side of the meter the connector is included. You will use this side to install a sprinkler, a nozzle etc. You can always toggle between the 4 modes with the yellow button. If you hold the button for 2 seconds in Auto mode, you can switch between Liters and Gallons. Holding the button for 2 seconds in the other 3 modes will reset these modes to zero. The meter is waterproof (IPX6), but you can’t submerge it in water. In order to achieve the most accurate measurements possible, we recommend to open the tap fully.


-Waterproof IPX6 (you can’t submerge the device!)
-Water flow rate: 1 – 40 L/min.
-Max. water consumption the display can show: 9.999,90L
-Working pressure: 0,5 bar – 8 bar
-Flow Max: 2400 L/H
-Measurement tolerance: between minus 5% and plus 5%



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