WiFi outdoor irrigation controller


Manage your outdoor irrigation anywhere, anytime with the RainPoint WiFi outdoor irrigation controller. Works with the free APP ControlMaster.

Connect the Gateway to your home WiFi router with the free APP ControlMaster and you can set up a smart irrigation system at home. It is like a command center, all the watering orders from the APP will be sent to the WiFi outdoor irrigation controller by the Gateway, and all the feedback will be displayed in the APP, anytime and anywhere. Always full irrigation control wherever you are!

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The content of the package consists of the WiFi Gateway (with extra WiFi socket) and the WiFi smart outdoor irrigation controller. We strongly recommend you to buy also the wireless soil moisture sensor, also available in our webshop here. The sensor enables you to view the soil moisture level and temp. anytime, anywhere in the APP. The sensor will enable you to automate your irrigation schedules even more and it will help you saving water. You can monitor max. 1 soil moisture sensor per Gateway. One Gateway can monitor up to 4 irrigation controllers should you want to install more than 1 zone (max. 4 zones). Separate irrigation controllers without the Gateway are also available in our webshop here if you want to install more zones. The Gateway needs WiFi access. The controller need to be installed max. 50 – 100 M from the Gateway (depending on the number of obstacles such as walls between them). The optional soil moisture sensor doesn’t need WiFi access. The sensor uses a radio signal (433 MHz) to send the data to the controller every 5 min. The max. range between the controller and the soil moisture sensor in a free field is about 100 M.

Important features:
-Battery operated (4X AA batteries, not included). The batteries last about 1 year
-Full irrigation control anytime, anywhere with the APP “ControlMaster”
-Both manual and automatic operation modus
-Water leaking alert of the controller
-Real-time local weather conditions
-Rain delay function to save water
-Built-in water flow sensor. You can check the last water consumption in the APP
-Easy to set up and to change standard irrigation schedules in the APP
-The Gateway has an extra WiFi socket with timer (controllable in the APP)
-Extended user manual in English

Weight 0,680 kg
Dimensions 15,5 × 8,5 × 17,5 cm


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